January, 2008


The sounds of nature...They are everywhere and always an inspiration to us at BFT. Joey was upset because he lost his chihuahua. He went to park to kick some balls around to get his mind off his dog and accidentally worked up a hard on. He promptly went back home to take care of that. He took care of it good... View this Video -->


EJ slings dick like Spidey slings webs. We brought him as the pinch hitter to plow max all up in the bum area. The game got underway quickly and the dicks were batting until the explosive conclusion. You do not want o miss this one. View this Video -->


Volleyball, volleys, balls volleys of balls, balls being bounced back and forth. It was bound to happen when Josh and Manny went to the park and shared a sweaty pelota between them. They tired of the sand and sun and went home to relax where rest turned to un-rest and balls slapping balls and taints. all traces of good sportsmanship were lost as Josh pounded Mannys dirtstar into the sunset and relieved his achey, breaky, balls all over his mantacularness View this Video -->

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