February, 2009


Damien was visiting his new friend Rickie. They were watching TV and were bored out of their mind when Rickie clicked to a gay network while channel surfing. He was about to change the channel when Damien asked him to leave on that channel for a little while. He said how funny it was to make fun of them. It didnt take long for Damien to suggest they try some of the things they were watching. Rickie was stunned and told Damien he wasnt gay. Damien agreed and said he wasnt gay either...just horny. Rickie bought the line hook line and sinker and Damien gave that boy his first time. He let Rickie lick suck and fuck as much as he wanted and when they were finished admitted to being gay but by then Im sure Rickie pretty much had it figured out. View this Video -->


Today the cute and young Jack came over to show us how he likes to masturbate. He is so amazing at his stroke you guys must watch.. View this Video -->


Filippo was practicing on the keyboard when Cody came by. Cody began showing Filippo some notes when Filippo grabbed Codys ass. Cody resisted at first, but he came around. Cody got on his knees and sucked his cock. He did a great job deep throating that dick. Then, Cody bent over the bed and got his ass rammed. Next, he hopped on that cock and rode that dick until he creamed all over Filippos chest. Then, it was Filippos turn to spurt man juice all over Codys face. View this Video -->


Kristian was poking around an empty bedroom when he heard someone walking in. He jumped into the closet as DJ opened the door. He knew something was up so he went to check out the closet. There he finds Kristian hiding. Instead of calling the cops or fighting him, he decides to make Kristian get on his knees and suck his dick. He pulls out the big black cock and puts it in his mouth. DJ was loving every moment of it. So much so that he decided to return the favor. After that exchange, the sex quickly followed. DJ put his dick in Kristians ass and pumped away til the cum was dripping off his cock. Then it was time for Kristian to go. Enjoy. View this Video -->

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