June, 2010


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Damian Cruz Damian Cruz Damian Cruz

This latest and greatest submission comes from a couple of kids that they actually went out and ask people around if they wanted to be on a video and win money. Pretty ballsy if you ask me. At first I thought that no one in their right mind would say yes, but Lord be Hold, some one actually does. The guy was up for anything only if he can cover his face up, so what the hell. Once the, so called straight guy shows up to the dorm, hes received by three naughty hot guys thirsty for some action. They were sucking this poor guy off like a set of vacuums cleaners. This volunteer was pretty freaked out with the whole situation. As soon as he busted his nut, he was out the door in a New York second, leaving everybody at the dorm wanting more. So, in a natural progression, the rest of the boys got pretty busy with each other turning this video into an All Out Fuck Fest. Enjoy.. View this Dick Dorm Video


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Brice Carson Brice Carson Brice Carson

Brice has never been with a guy but lately he has fantasized about his neighbor. He was tired of waiting for the right moment to confess his desire so he invited Parker over for a swim in his pool. Parker took command of the situation and had Brice sucking cock for the first time. As the guys got more into each other, Parker persuaded Brice to let him the back door. Their afternoon rondevu ended with both guys cumming all over each other. View this Dick Dorm Video


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