December, 2010


Kaleb and Noahh came to have a fun time. Noahh was pleased to hear that he was going to be the one to get his ass pounded, but not as pleased as Kaleb. Once they got to the bedroom it was not long until they were undressed and sucking each others cocks. Noahh got his asshole banged and received man juice all over his face. Happy times. View this Dick Dorm Video


Matthew was sitting at the park in deep thought about his girl problems. Conor spotted him sitting there and began talking to him. Matthew told him about his girl issues and Conor told him to come hang out with him and they can talk it over more in depth. Once they got back to the place, Conor tried to kiss Matthew and he pulled back at first. After some persuasion, Matthew let Conor kiss him and soon after, Conor was slurping up his cock. Then, Conor jumped on that cock and got his ass pounded. Man milk for everyone. View this Dick Dorm Video


Dalas came to have his first time with Chad. This was the first time they meet and Chad liked what he saw. Back at the house it was not long until Chad was sucking his dick and Dalas returned the favor. Dalas got his asshole pounded while on his back. Then Chad rammed him from behind. It was a great first time. View this Dick Dorm Video


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Tyler Tyler Tyler

It seems like beer pong is the national sport for dorm rooms, and why not. They are fun, they get you drunk, and now they fill you up with cum. This party gets out of hand almost right away. We have this two young college guys hanging among gay guys and hot chicks for the sake of a party. Once the girls leave to go get more boose, the straight guys are left alone with the gay guys, and thats when things get a little bit interesting. Lets just say that the straight guys are not the same guys anymore. lol lol View this Dick Dorm Video


Izzy and Steve were tossing the football and chatting. After throwing the ball for a while, Steve playfully tackles Izzy and begins to feel up his chiseled abs. Izzy stopped him after a while and Steve helped him up. After some hesitation, they began making out and they decided to go inside. They continued the action inside, where Steve told Izzy he was going to take good care of him for his first time. Izzy got his asshole pounded and received man batter all over him. View this Dick Dorm Video


Chris was walking through the park when he ran into Johnlong. They conversed for a while and Chris invited him back to his place. Once they got back, Johnlong pulled out his cock and asked Chris if he wanted to try it. Chris was hesitant at first, but he finally put it in his mouth and sucked on it. Soon after, Chris got his ass pounded for the first time. He got man juice all over him. View this Dick Dorm Video


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