August, 2011


Room Mate Sex

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Fraternity Dicks


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After a night of partying at their frat house these two roommates came home horny as fuck and before they knew it they were slurping up each other’s cocks like they needed it to survive. Cum check out college guys covered in cum.

Dudes Eating Ass



If you party with these boys you can do what you want and wait till you see what these boys get into. When they throw a party the fun will not end until all the guys have blown their loads in all the hungry mouths. The next day when they finally get up they pretend nothing has happened and go home to their women. No one outside of this group of friends knows what they get into. The university has no idea that these boys get down and dirty with each others’ cocks and butts.

Twink Fucking

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What can be better than sucking on a frat boy’s cock? Nothing. Can’t think of anything that could compare. And this cock sucker is well aware of his luck. Cuz this dude he is sucking off is fucking cute as fuck. What good is college if you don’t try out every experience at least once?

Cock Suckers

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Guys On Guys



Sexy straight dude.

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Hot Frat Boys

If you think this picture is hot just wait till you check out the video. These boys are sexy as fuck. Not only is the top hot and young but he is fucking hung! And his hot, little bottom can take some serious ass fucking. All he can do is moan and beg for more cock! This gay college porn will blow your load.

College dorm sex is totally hot and this is no exception. Granted the top dude is supposedly straight but when he is horny enough he doesn’t see boys or girls. All he sees are holes to be fucked. And he sure fucks like it is his major. And by the looks of this video he is an A student.

Gay Dorm Sex

This all started one night when the actual gay room mate was caught by the hot top, fucking himself with a dildo. The straight roomie watched for a few minutes and b4 he knew it he was hard and ready to fuck a tight hole. He jumped on top of his dildo-loving room mate and screwed his fucking brains out!

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