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They say college is the time for higher learning. Though they do not specify what kind of higher learning. It can be said in regards to the classics, literature, scientific lab work or it could mean learning and experiencing a more diverse sex life. No matter what your major is, there is one thing every college student studies and that is sex.

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Whether it’s sex with the opposite gender or the same, or trying out new, different sexual experiences, college is the one time in life when you can live with wild abandon and need no excuses. And if you really do enjoy college life than using “I’m in college” is the only reason you need to give for any number of reasons. The dudes in this picture decided to let the dye fly and make their very own porn, with each other.

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These boys had never had sex with another dude. They have always had girlfriends but have been curious about gay sex. For instance, if it didn’t feel amazing, why would gay dudes do it? Lets just say that what they discovered was the awesome orgasm that comes from pressure applied to the prostate. In lay terms: these str8 dudes had butt sex. Cum see DickDorm’s newest gay porn available for download. See curious college boys fuck gay ass in best new bareback gay porn.


Dorm sex is nice if you can get it but if you aren’t lucky enough to get plowed in your own dorm room then you need to check out DickDorm, the official gay college porn site. Every week we get a new video sent into us by average, everyday college boys. There is nothing average about their looks though.

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These college freshmen are named appropriately. They are fresh as fuck. Young, firm, sexy and sexually charged with hormones on jizz filled ball sacks. Watching these dudes suck dick will make you want a dick in your mouth that very instant. And even though they are beginners they sure know how to suck a dick.

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You won’t find any gag reflexes here. These boys willingly get on their knees and service any cock they can find. And when you live on a college campus there is always a willing cock to be sucked off. Sometimes it’s your own roomie, a dorm mate or sometimes you just need to cruise campus for a little while. But it never takes too long. Cum check out cock sucking gay college twinks.


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They are ripped and shredded to fuck. When they aren’t busy fucking one another they are at the gym. They spend all their time perfecting their muscular bodies and in this video, show them off. These guys might only be in their early 20s but they sure can fuck. Their dicks are big and their asses are hungry as fuck.

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We all go through dry spells once in awhile. Even the hottest of dudes can have no luck once in awhile. But there was a time in life where you could always get laid. And that time and place was college, especially if you were part of a fraternity. We all know what really goes on in the frat houses; drunk, naked boys all day and night.

After all a horny chick isn’t always handy but a horny gay boy can always be easily found. And we all know the more beers a dude has consumed the more likely he is to suck a dick or let a dude suck his. Fraternities after all were created as a close group of young college boys and we all know how curiosities can fester.

What better place to experiment than safely with your pledge brothers. It’s been going on since Ancient Sparta. Just because a dude is buff and masculine doesn’t mean he doesn’t see the beauty in another well built man. And that is exactly what happens in this new video. This video and these boys are amazing. Cum check out horny frat boys fucking each other.

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