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College is the time in life when a person can let their inhibitions free and do whatever they want. Well, almost anything, at least anything sexual or fun. The dudes in this recent viewer submitted video are hot. And up until this video was made, supposedly straight. We aren’t sure where they stand now but they certainly had a blast in this video. And when we say blast, we mean it.

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Two of these studs take turns blasting their gay roomie in the ass and don’t stop until they both load him full of spermy goodness. You are gonna want to see this gay bottom twink beg and plead for his “straight” roommates to fuck him. He convinces them that fucking him wouldn’t make them gay and that since they are in college it is their obligation to try new things. And the begging doesn’t stop until the tops cum all over this hot, slutty bottom. Watch hot gay college bukkake porn.


Having a hot straight roommate can be a bittersweet experience when living in the dorms. On one hand, you get to see a naked hot dude all the time and on the other hand, he is straight. Or at least he seems straight but what if he doesn’t have a girlfriend? Or what if he is always walking around the dorm with a hardon. Do you give him a helping hand, mouth or ass? It is a hard thing to figure out. The boy in this recent dickdorm video knew just what to do. He put on a straight porn one night and while they watched it together he sucked on a big pickle. Like went to fucking town on this pickle. There was no way that the straight dude could resist a mouth that could do what this homo’s mouth was doing to just a pickle. Cum see gay teens deep throat straight roommates huge dicks.

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This recent video sent to DickDorm has all the components of professional porn but was shot by amateurs. It could be professional because these boys are amazingly hot, like porn star quality. And they suck cock and fuck like professionals. It is hard to believe they are only in college.

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They must have watched a lot of porn because they have mad skills. They can fuck any porn star under the table, hands down. This hung top lays into his eager bottom with such fierce, penetrating force that it looks as if the bottom would scream out in pain. This bottom is no pussy, a pussyboy, yes but not a whimp.

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This talented bottom isn’t just a submissive bottom. He is an aggressive bottom and total cumdump that loves to be used and abused. Watching these two college boys will make you wanna go back to school or, at least, live on campus. Cum check out DickDorm’s hot gay college porn.


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Finding a gay ass to fuck in college is like shooting fish in a barrel. There are tons of newly gay homos walking around campus looking for cock all the time. These dudes are young, hot and ready to learn how to suck cock and get plowed like true gay experts. Having a gay roommate is the best situation.

Sucking off your straight college roommate’s cock might seem like pure fantasy but it actually happens all the time. After all college is the time to experiment and what straight dude hasn’t been blown by a gay boy? The percentage is higher than you’d think, especially in regards to the dudes that send in videos to DickDorm.

DickDorm gets hundreds of self-shot, amateur videos of gay boys sucking their straight roommates’ cocks. Most of the dudes are straight and they don’t care if a dude is sucking their dick or if it’s a chick. A mouth is a mouth and we are very glad it’s so acceptable these days. Cum see straight dudes get their dick sucked by their gay roommates.

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Sucking a college dude’s dick is a fun experience. Their dicks are always hard and always ready to cum. These dudes have nuts that just ache to release gallons of salty jizz loads. And they prefer to blow those loads down the throats of eager, horny gay boys. Why try to get a chick to suck your dick when you can get a gay dude to do it with no problem.

Not too mention how much better gay boys suck dick than chicks. You need to love cock to really worship it well. And gay boys don’t waste a single second when there is a big, hard cock in their mouths. It is a wonderful feeling. Whether you are bobbing up and down or whether a dude is face fucking you.

Feeling a hard, veiny cock slide in and out of your mouth is amazing. Not to mention grabbing the base of it and beating the big, hard and wet cock on your face. True cock worshippers will always be gay boys. So if there are any str8 dudes that somehow don’t know this fact locate your nearest gay and stick your dick in his mouth. Cum see horny gay cocksuckers deep throat huge cock.

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If you think you’ve seen some good dick sucking in your day just wait until you watch these boys in action. Not only are they young and sexy as fuck but they have an undying thirst and hunger for their fellow college students’ cocks. They pretend to be straight around campus but when they are in their dorm rooms it’s all about cock and ass.

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And watching college boys sucking each other off is a thing of beauty. They have unending stamina and unlimited amounts of cum loads. We aren’t talking a few drops that dribble out of a cock. We are talking about geysers! Geysers of monumental, potent, jizz that explodes with extreme force and cover anyone in its path.

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You are going to wanna climb through your computer screen and clean up this dorm room with your tongue. It’s a good thing inanimate objects can’t reproduce because these boys would have impregnated every piece of furniture in their dorm. This is some hot, hardcore college cock sucking. Cum check out cock swallowing college boys, the best gay porn around.


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If you like to watch muscular jocks than this video is for you. After all seeing naked jocks in the locker room is our biggest motivation to workout. And thank goodness for the old-fashioned shower rooms. Fuck this new separate stall shit. One big room with soapy naked dudes is the shiznit.

Unfortunately not every fantasy of a gay man can be fulfilled. These dudes, however, get to live out our dreams. And if you haven’t locker room fucked lately, or at all, than you have to see this recent submission. It would be amazing to belong to this rec center. If this picture gives you a chubby just wait for the video.

These jocks wait for all the other dudes to leave the shower room and then they go balls to the wall. This shit is totally hot. The top dude slams his bottom against the wall, soaps up his dick and rams his hungry bottom boy. Words can barely do this video justice. Cum check out hot locker room sex.

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