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Dorm sex is nice if you can get it but if you aren’t lucky enough to get plowed in your own dorm room then you need to check out DickDorm, the official gay college porn site. Every week we get a new video sent into us by average, everyday college boys. There is nothing average about their looks though.

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These college freshmen are named appropriately. They are fresh as fuck. Young, firm, sexy and sexually charged with hormones on jizz filled ball sacks. Watching these dudes suck dick will make you want a dick in your mouth that very instant. And even though they are beginners they sure know how to suck a dick.

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You won’t find any gag reflexes here. These boys willingly get on their knees and service any cock they can find. And when you live on a college campus there is always a willing cock to be sucked off. Sometimes it’s your own roomie, a dorm mate or sometimes you just need to cruise campus for a little while. But it never takes too long. Cum check out cock sucking gay college twinks.


These guys are sexy as hell and they can suck cock like pros. The sucking and slurping these two boys do will have your dick ready to cum no time. And let us not forget how amazing their bodies. These dudes spend all their time working out and it totally shows.

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They are ripped and shredded to fuck. When they aren’t busy fucking one another they are at the gym. They spend all their time perfecting their muscular bodies and in this video, show them off. These guys might only be in their early 20s but they sure can fuck. Their dicks are big and their asses are hungry as fuck.

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The tops ram their huge dick balls deep into their hungry little bottom boys. And the bottoms’ holes can’t get enough fucking. These boys are some great fuckers. You need to cum see this video. Cum see big dicks destroy little bottom boys.


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Muscle dudes are the best, especially when they fuck gay boy. This is the hottest dorm room on campus. These jocks are supposedly str8 but they sure seem to like cock. They walk around their dormitory naked and spend all their time jerking off or fucking their gay roomies.

They don’t care too much about girls. And most don’t put out as much as gay boys so who could blame them. And of course college boys are always horny. Whether they like to fuck chicks or dudes. They know that a hole is a hole. So we aren’t gonna complain about it.

These muscle dudes recently sent in this video and it is one of our finest. They are extremely muscular and extremely good at fucking. Not too mention their big, beautiful and very hard dicks. Cum check out hung muscle dudes suck dick.

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Young dudes in college are always a good time. Whether you are simply watching them play football or if you are actually lucky enough to score one as a fuck. They are fresh and full of energy. And energy isn’t the only thing they are full of. We all know how horny younger dudes can be.

They are full of hormones and ragging, frustrated sexual tensions. They therefore have delicious balls brimming full of eager sperm. Hot, sticky jizz that is waiting to bust free from its prison sack. And it doesn’t take much to make a 19 year old cum. That can be one, slight problem but once they cum they can go again very quickly afterwards.

These boys experiment with each other and find all kinds of fun ways to let their juices fly. They suck cock, they eat ass and they fuck like champs. It is a good thing these boys are in such good shape or else they wouldn’t last as long as they do. This is a great new video we just received. Cum see cum hungry college boys suck dick.

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Ever have an anonymous hook up? They can be pretty fucking hot, right? That’s exactly what happens in this recent submission. These dudes talked online one night and decided to get together for some much needed R & R. You know, reckless and raunchy sex. This is so totally hot. The top dude came over to this bottom’s place and fucked the shit out of him.

We are talking balls to the walls, hardcore cock-penetrating action, that lasted a good hour or so. These dudes are fuck champions. The top walked into the bottom’s apartment, took his pants off and stuck his cock right into his blindfolded bottom. This is some crazy-ass, hot shit.

If you wanna bust a good load than this is a must see video. You and your cock will be amazed at this sweaty, cum soaked fuck fest. The hung top mercilessly fucks his bottom's brains out and the bottom only asks for more. This is so hot. You gotta cum check out this hot fuck.

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Don’t you just love watching a hot neighbor dude cutting his grass shirtless or doing other yard work half naked? Of course, who doesn’t? Have you ever seduced one of those dudes? It can be a difficult venture to expedite but if it pays off you have an amazing scene for your life-long spank bank.

That is exactly what happens in this video. There is a neighbor, like any other one in suburbia. Nice houses, manicured lawns and plenty of hot boys coming home from college for summer break. These boys have to work so they do landscaping and lawn care. And it is this exact scene that plays out for this lucky gay boy.

Trapped inside on a beautiful day with nothing to do but jackoff and fantasy about big dicks and hot cum. After lying in bed naked for half the day he decided to glance out the window and to his surprise he sees a beautiful, buff and half naked dude next door mowing the grass. By the looks of this picture you can imagine how this all played out. But you have to cum see for yourself. Cum see hot str8 dudes seduced.

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These sexy frat boys suck some tasty cock. So cum check out this hot video. Not only are these boys young and cute as hell but they are also hung. We are talking about huge, veiny cocks. The kind of cocks that will make your ass twitch and your cock grow. And these horny-ass dudes will let you do whatever you want as long as they get to jizz all over your ass.

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And when you party with these dudes you can do what you want, specifically while they are fucked up. Just wait till you check out these guys in action. When they throw a party the fun will not end until all the dudes have blown their loads in hungry mouths. The following day when they finally drag themselves out of bed they pretend nothing has happened and go home to their chicks. No one outside of this group of friends knows what they get into. The university has no idea that these boys get down and dirty with each others’ cocks and butts.

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So if this sounds good to you then you have to cum check this out. Your cock will not let down. You will be jizzing all over your computer. Who could resist these sexy jocks. You and your shlong will be hooked. Cum see college twinks strip naked and fuck.

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